Leandro Castelao,
is a very curious Graphic Designer & Illustrator.
︎Born in Argentina
︎Living in the US 

[ CURRENT ︎ FOUNDER/ SENIOR DESIGNER ] Leandro is a founding member of Datalands, a creative studio that gives shape to data—fueling culture through luminous visualizations.

[ EXPERIENCE ] His work spans across vast disciplines, including branding, datavis, illustration, branding, products, murals, editorial design and motion for a recognized international variety of clients, such as Apple, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Delta Airlines, IBM, Penguin Books, Google, Citibank, United Nations & Mercedes Benz, amongst others.

[ CURRENT ︎ CO-FOUNDER/ ART DIRECTOR, EDITOR ] In 2018, Leandro co-founded Flecha Books, an independent publishing company that seeks to recover, curate and print graphic material that has been either overlooked or neglected, and make it visible again.

[ TEACHING ] For over 10 years, Leandro taught Typography and Illustration at his alma mater, the University of Buenos Aires, and gave many lectures and workshops around the world in cities including The Hague, São Paulo, Bombay, New Delhi, Durban, New York City and Madrid.

[ ACCOLADES ]  Selected for the Wallpaper Handmade Collection (Vanity Peacock mirror, 2010), awarded with the Communication Arts Award of Excellence in Illustration (8 Marco Sanguinetti, 2015), selected for American Illustrations (Edition 34), nominated for the Latin Grammy awards (8 Marco Sanguinetti, 2015) and received the Communication Arts Award of Excellence in Design (Cotta & Los Libros del Mirasol, 2019).

[ CAREER KICKOFF ︎ ILLUSTRATION ]  From 2009 until 2012, Leandro illustrated the weekly technology column “Sexy Science” for The Times (UK). The column was written by the renowned author Marcus Du Satoy, former President of the Mathematical Association.

[ CAREER KICKOFF ︎ GRAPHIC DESIGN ] Right out of college Leandro enjoyed one of his biggest accomplishments: being part of the winning team for the Argentina logo contest (Marca País Argentina). Together with Guillermo Brea, Carolina Mikalef and Coni Luna, the team designed the first Argentinean logo and branding manual.

[ NOTE 1 ]  To download a pdf compillation of all the rotating background images shown on this site, click here.

[ NOTE 2 ]  Comprehensive porfolio available upon request.